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Firearms Offenses Defense Attorney in Augusta, GA

Weapons Laws In Georgia

The Georgia Constitution, as well as the United States Constitution, guarantees the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. However, Georgia gun laws regulate and place certain restrictions on the possession, sale, and use of firearms and ammunition:

Is It Illegal To Own A Gun In Georgia Without A License?

You do not have to have a license to own a gun in the state of Georgia. A gun may be carried without a permit in a person’s home, business, and vehicle. A person may also carry a gun when hunting or fishing, provided that person has a valid hunting and fishing license.

Carrying A Firearm In Public Without A Permit

It is illegal to carry a firearm in public, whether openly or concealed, without a carry license. However, even with a carry license, there are certain places where the possession of a firearm is prohibited:

  • Government building
  • Courthouses
  • Jails
  • Places of worship
  • Schools and universities
  • State mental facilities
  • Nuclear power facilities
  • Polling places

Restrictions on Firearms

Just because a person is permitted to carry a gun on their own property or in public with a carry license, does not mean that they can use a gun for any purpose. Below are examples of circumstances involving firearms that can result in an offense:

  • Intent to commit a crime
  • Illegal sawed-off shotguns, automatic weapons, silencers, and more
  • Unlawful weapons sales or trafficking
  • Buying weapons for someone else (straw purchase)
  • Possession or use on federal property
  • Possession by a convicted felon
  • Possession by a minor

Firearms Charges in Federal Court

Most firearms are manufactured outside of the state they are sold or otherwise located in. For this reason, firearms crimes are among the most targeted by the U.S. Attorney’s office for federal prosecution. It’s important to hire an attorney who practices at a federal level rather than hiring someone who only practices at the state level — otherwise you may find yourself having to hire yet another lawyer and incurring the costs that come with it.

Grant Usry has handled many firearms cases in federal court. If you have been charged with a firearms offense, call The Usry Firm today to schedule a free consultation.

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